Sidewalk project continues

The project continues. Once I broke the sidewalk by trying to lift it, I decided that I would go ahead and tear it out. I rented a jack hammer and invited the son-in-law over. He was a great help! He told me that he was excited to run the jack hammer but by the time he was half way done he thought it had had is fill.

As we tore it out we found the rebar that was laid to reinforce the side walk. Three big bars and hog wire. That was all expected. I also determined that the upper level of the walk way was poured in such a way that it had it’s own foundation at the step but also was held down by the next level. This was one of the reasons I could not lift it with the jacks.

The other thing I found was that there were three 3/4″ pipes that were used in pouring the steps. These came out of the steps and were used as another set of re-bar for the walk coming in perpendicular. That was the second reason I couldn’t lift it with the jacks. I suspect that we would have never lifted it with mudjacking either.

I also found a large cavity under the porch where it had settled. Interestingly enough the porch and steps had not moved even though the steps were hanging in the air. But the walk next to it had. So I took some of the busted up cement and shoved it under the steps and stomped it in with my feet. I still have some tamping to do and probably some more filling but it will be much better.

So we got it all busted up and made 5 trips to the ditch. I picked up everything that was baseball size or larger. Then I dug out the first 8 or so feet of the sidewalk to the depth that I would need for the paver base, sand and bricks. Then I took the smaller broken cement and used it as my first layer of paver base in that section.

Now, I’m in the lower part of the walk digging it out to the depth that I need for the base. I’ve used my tiller to break up the soil. It has a lot of clay in it so it’s a little tough to dig. I have scooped up 6 wheel barrows of dirt and piled it up to use as needed around the sidewalk when I’m done and then I’ll find places around the yard to fill in with the rest when I’m done.

Yesterday I went to Menards and ordered the bricks, base and sand. They delivered it today so now I’m working on getting the depth of the walkway right and lay out the stakes for making sure I get all of the depths/heights right. I’ll put that in the next post.


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