Michael Ginn

If I need to put a first post on our blog I think this is one of the best I could add. This morning we had the opportunity to listen to Michael Ginn recite the Sermon on the Mount from memory. 50 some minutes without a pause or hesitation. And then another 20 or so minutes preaching on the text he had just shared with us.

Michael has been memorizing scripture for over 30 years. He has most of the New Covenent memorized and parts of the Old Covenant. I’ve heard the sermon on the mount twiwce and Ecclesiastes once. He has surely inspired me and honored God. I have been looking at the great speaches in the bible as something I’d like to memorize. Of course theres the Sermon on the Mount but I’d like to do Stephens response to the Pharisees, Gods response to Job, Joshuas instructions to Israel. There are so many. I think they are often the key moments in the bible that need to be understood well.

We’re going to be blessed by Michael again when we go to Camp Witness for a couples retreat. Can’t wait. If you want to know more about Michael here is his website: https://www.mginn.com/


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