Our Kitchen Project

Denise and I are getting ready to do a kitchen makeover. We have agreed on a plan to paint our custom wood cabinets red (that took some talking to get me to agree to that), install a new granite countertop with new sink, replace the linoleum with tile and outfit with new hardware on the cabinets.

But to start this project we realized that the window above the sink needed to go. It’s one of those that has the cranks and two panes that swing out from the middle. It has always been drafty and just looks old. So this weekend we decided that we would replace it first to get us started on the rest of the project.

I had taken some measurements before I started and thought the window was 36″ x 36″. A pretty standard size that we could find at the big box stores. So I started taking it out. Of course this type of window is all self contained. the frame and panes all have to come out. Once I was able to get the trim off the inside and outside, the window slid out of the rough opening. I found that the hole that it left was more like 41″ X 43″.

So I thought, Okay, a 40″ X 40″ window shouldn’t be that hard to find. Not so much. We went to the two nearest stores and were fruitless in our endeavor. I ended up ordering the window that will be here in 3 weeks. So after buying some plywood and covering the hole, I was off to start the next project; Man Cave II.

In a few weeks, I’ll tell you how this one turned out and I should have some updates on our kitchen project.


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