Man Cave II

I really enjoy my basement man cave. We have a nice sized TV with a home theater system and a couple of places for Denise and I to sit as we’re watching our ‘shows’. Denise has an area where she does her crafts and sewing and I have a corner for my guitars and amp. All in all a nice place to spend the evenings.

But now the weather is getting nicer and I’ve found myself on the deck more and more. While I’m out there I like to listen to music so I have dragged an old set of computer speakers and my phone out there or the little boom box from the garage. Neither of these provide an audio experience so I started looking for a reasonably priced improvement on my outdoor auditory enjoyment.

What I found was a system based on the  300 Watt Pyle Receiver and these 500 watt Pyle speakers. I had searched all over the Internet to find some good reviews, examples from other people etc. I was really surprised at the lack of detail that I could find. Many of the options were composed of fake rocks and toad stools for the speakers. But I really couldn’t any recommendations for receivers or amplifiers.

I had considered that I’d just get a stereo amplifier and hook up a radio, cell phone, mp3 player as needed. But I wanted to have something that was more permanent and could be used more easily by others. So that’s how I ended up with an AM/FM receiver with options for an Ipod, USB port and typical amplifier auxiliary connection.

So I ordered from Amazon and was expecting the receiver on Saturday and the speakers on the following Tuesday. I was surprised to have them show up on Saturday. I had committed myself to replacing a kitchen window but after removing it and finding that I was going to have to get a custom window ordered, I had some time to work on Man Cave II.

The installation was pretty straight forward. I mounted the speakers high on each side of the deck, ran the speaker wires across the top of our pergola, attaching them to the wood with little wire clips. Then I drilled a hole through the cement block to run them into the garage where I put the receiver. Which as a side note, has A/B speakers so I can listen to some tunes while I change the oil in the truck! Those will have to be a later purchase though. 

Another option to this receiver is a separate output and control for a subwoofer. I think this would help the bass quite a bit but for what I’m using it for I don’t think I’ll go to that expense. My searches on the Internet didn’t reveal a similarly priced subwoofer so I’ll have to look into that some more if I decide to get one later.

I also bought a set of cable management trays to hide the speaker wires where they come down the side of the house. I still need to get that installed. The other thing I found was that the receiver has a remote control but since it is infrared I can’t use it from the deck. So I’ll be looking for an extender to get that hooked up.

So the big question is what do I think of my new system? I like it very well. The receiver a top of the line unit but it works very well for what I’m using it for. The speakers, I like even better. Between the two the provide very good sound. If I run the bass all the way to one side it sounds crappy but if I keep it moderately in the middle or just adjust it slightly to the left or right it provides all the adjustment I need. I can turn the speakers toward the back yard and crank it up and it sounds very good as I’m back in the garden.

So for less than $170 dollars I am overall very pleased with the equipment, the way it sounds and the options. I accept that I can’t crank the bass and volume but I don’t think I like that much bass anyway. 


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