Walking in the Winter

Walking downtown Omaha when the weather is nice is nice. There are so many different places to go and see. But when the weather turns bad it’s another story. In the past few weeks I have not walked nearly as much as I’d like to. Some days are just bitter. So I sit at my desk in misery. The chronic pain creeps in and I long for a good long walk.

I knew that if I could just get to the Brandies building I could get a really nice walk in. But from my location on 18th and Harney that was at least 5 blocks to make it to the 16th and Douglas entrance I was familiar with. With the temperatures getting down to the single digits, that just wasn’t going to work. I would tense up way to much to make it beneficial. So I started talking and exploring.
I figured there was at least a closer entrance to the Brandies building and by asking enough questions of my co-workers I found not only that, but a route that takes advantage of several other passages. So here goes.
Green portions are all inside

Starting at DOTComm I go up 18th to Harney and into the Douglas Omaha Civic Center. Down a hall, up an escalator and out the North entry.

I walk diagonally and then across the east crossing of 18th and Farnam and enter US Bank at their Southwest entrance. I walk through the building to the East entrance on floor down on 17th street. Just a few steps North brings me to an entrance of the 17th Street Parking garage. 
Interestingly enough. If you go down 2 flights of stairs you find your self in the Brandeis building mezzanine and food court. From there I start a 5 to 6 block walk all inside. Going from Brandeis to First National Tower, First National Bank, Double Tree Hotel, First National Technology Solutions and finally to the parking garage on 16th and Davenport. 
If I turn around and just come back I will have walked almost 30 minutes which is my goal. Today, I walked most of the inside part twice and was gone 45 minutes. I also encounter about 6 to 8 flights of stairs in that walk but they are broken up so I don’t notice them so much. And that’s how I get my walk in when it’s winter.

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