To Google and Back!

Well, it’s taken me less than two weeks to give up on Google for mail and apps. There were just so many little things that I couldn’t do any more. So I’ve reloaded my Office 2013 Home Premium with a bit of a switch.

The thing I did like about Google was that it was all online. So in my move back to Microsoft, I am now using rather than the fat client. All of my contacts, calendar and documents are stored in the cloud. And I have access to trimmed down versions of the office applications on the web, or I can use the full featured ones on my laptop.

I’m much happier now. I have a preview pane for my mail, I can split contents of spreadsheet columns without using some funky formula, the list goes on…

I am keeping a couple of things on Google. I like Google Sites and Blogger. So all of my blogs will stay on Blogger and I have found some really neat uses for Google Sites. To my knowledge Microsoft doesn’t have an equivalent for that.

I guess this is the crazy world we live in now. Things just seem so fluid. Nothings black and white. Remember when there was a 300 baud modem? Computers weren’t complicated then. You did all your work in one place and then you went and did something else.

Now you have your computer with you everywhere. It’s on your desktop, your lap, looks like a notepad, and in your phone. And you want them all to play nice, but they don’t. I’ll probably find a reason to change it all tomorrow but until then I’m comfortable with my choice(s).

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