The Basement Project – Porcelain sink

Over the past six months we have been working on our basement. In the past it has gone through a couple of different uses. Early on we had painted it orange to match the 1970’s orange and black carpet. The block wall was left off white and we had our young guests sign blocks to mark special occasions like birthdays, youth group nights and when we housed groups like the Young Continentals and Matsiko.

Later we emptied it to let our oldest daughter and her husband stay while he was going through a job transition. That was a nice time that we got to spend a lot of time with our first grandchild.

Then when all the kids moved out we started using it for ourselves as a TV room. As we prepared to sell the house we started painting the walls a more neutral color, replacing the furniture and laying down carpet.

Back in the utility room there was an old bathroom, with a throne and shower that are raised off the floor to allow for drains and a big porcelain sink that had suffered many years of abuse. It had been used many times to clean paint brushes and rollers. Which showed by the many colors of paint. One such time it appeared to have been filled with paint as the whole inside was covered with a color of tan. I think the drain must have been clogged and they just let it set to drain slowly.

So the other day, I started to paint the utility room and decided that if I could just clean up the old sink I could save it. I wanted to find a way that wouldn’t be toxic to me to get it cleaned up so I searched the Internet for solutions. Two of the ideas that I found worked fairly well. Soaking the sink with soapy hot water softened much of the paint so I could remove it with putty knives. I used both metal and plastic putty knives to scrap away thick globs of paint.

Then as I got down to the porcelain I spread the orange Goop all over and let it set. After some time I was able to scrub the sink with a kitchen scrubber and get most of the paint off. The other solution that I have not tried yet is Bar Keepers Friend. So while the sink looks much better I hope to give it that last shot of shine with a little more cleaning.

Overall this worked real well. When I walk in the utility room that area now pops with fresh paint and a nice clean porcelain deep sink.

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