What’s important

Recently I added one of those “cloud” widgets to the blog to show the categories that are available on the-jacobsens and to count how many articles are available under each topic.

As you can see by this classic web 2.0 design, Fibromyalgia is leading the pack on the articles that I am writing. Now I understand that having just completed a pain program that completely changed my life has a lot to do with this. I shouldn’t get too worked up yet.

The thing that I find interesting is how the other topics either rise or don’t rise to the top. I think about what is important to me and where do I spend my time. Faith and Family, you would think should rise to the top. Family only has one post. I’m also very interested in the political climate today and you would think I would have something to say about that.

In my About Me sideline I say that “I want to be me”. I think that is some of what I’m trying to decide here. Who is me? Did I really just say that?? Yes, I did.

I think this web 2.0 widget gives me some insight into who I am. The topics that cause me to write blogs are the ones that will rise to the top. Hopefully, I will find that I am spending the right amount of time and energy on the right things.

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