RV Park Locating Web Site

I’ve had an idea for a while about a web site that was geolocation and map enabled for RV parks. If you’re familiar with sites about RV Parks you’re probably thinking that there are a lot of them so why create another one?

There’s a couple of reasons. First off there isn’t anything out there of significance for mobile web. I think thats a bit of coding that the normal Joe isn’t going to tackle. Other than sights like Good Sams and other services for RV’s I don’t think there is a web designer with the know how to create such a site.

The other piece is the geolocation. Which fits tightly with mobile but also provides a lot of other neat stuff along with maps. My first thought is to create a map of color coded dots based on the price of a RV site. To me that is the one piece of information that full time RVers are looking for. Where’s the cheap ones!

Then we can add a few filters to get the absolute most critical things that would be searched for. I can think of electric hookups, showers, sewer and a few others. These are the things that a person who has been boondocking might want to find in a commercial RV site.

The final bits of the site would be the page that gives all the additional information about a selected site and location information such as: Where’s the nearest gas station, grocery store etc.

As you can see I want a website that will focus on getting to the most critical information in the quickest manner. Once the key functions are there we can look for the other stuff. Like the myriad of RV Park information elements, updates and reviews by campers, photo uploads etc. But all of that should in no way detract from the main point of the web site. Find the cheapest RV park with the amenities that I need to clean up from a few months in the boondocks.


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