Blog it already! Will you?

I’ve been doing a lot of blogging lately. The pain program, Going Google at work and home and other things have given me a lot of stuff to talk about. I find that I can churn out a lot of posts. Michael Hyatt a popular blogger and platform evangelist, talks about getting your posts out without spending too much time on them.

I don’t like to proof read to much. I’ll write a post and read it. Most times I’ll find that I didn’t quite develop the thought like I wanted to so I’ll do a little re-arranging. Then I’ll give it a final read and shoot it out. That’s it. Not much processing or production for me to get a post posted.

Then it happens that I’ll be looking up a post to send a copy to someone who was interested in a certain topic or thought and I’ll find that really stupid English mistake or spelling problem. The other day I wrote a comment relating that I was searching my sole. But I haven’t looked at the bottom of my feet for quite a while.

I do find that I like getting things written as soon as I can. I can have two or three topics come to me and if I let them set, they’re gone. I like to grab my computer and write 500 words, get the thought out of my head and move on.

So, if you’re reading my stuff and find some really stupid English. Well…. It’s not unexpected. You can let me know. And if I’m not deeply involved in speed writing another post, I may fix it. Or not.


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