An evening at the Gathering Place

Tonight I had the pleasure of enjoying some incredible guitar at The Gathering Place in Glenwood, IA. Kay and Linus LeFever hosted David Michael Boyd a solo musician singing and playing original music who explores various musical genres including rock, blues, jazz, classical and “experimental expressionism.”

It was “Slow Breathing” from his GuitarArt album that was my favorite tonight. If you have read some of my articles on pain management, you may remember that I struggle with relaxation techniques. Somewhat because of the tendency for relaxation CD’s to follow far eastern religions which I’m not a fan of and that I’m just not a “turn the mind” off kind of guy. Not saying that’s wrong. I understand very much that I desperately need to relax my mind. But I digress.
This song “Slow Breathing” really captivated me. David introduced it as the night letting out it’s breath as if it’s exhaled all of the trouble from the previous day. I really liked that thought and as he started the song and continued singing, I felt myself being drawn in to a state of relaxation.
I didn’t get to stay for the whole program. Coming up on 8:00 pm it was time for me to find some ice after a long day at work. On the way out I got a moment to talk to David and express my appreciation for that song. He told me that he had several works that followed that genre. I have been on his site and hope to communicate with him more as I explore some CD’s to help me relax. I think I might have found what I’m looking for.
If you have a chance visit his site and listen to some of his music. He is an extraordinarily talented musician and wonderful Christian man.

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