A Change of Effects

I’ve had my Digitech Multi-effects board for quite awhile now. And I have always struggled getting the sound that I wanted with it. I started with the factory presets but they seemed overly done for what I needed. So at first I just started modifying them to make them what I wanted but never could get a quite right.

Then I tried simplifying the equation by turning off the amp/cab selections and just working with the effects. But that too failed to provide a simple method for effects. So I reversed that and started with the amp models without any effects. I actually found some of those that were much closer to what I was looking for.

Recently I was playing at church and had one song that needed an acoustic sound with a little chorus and two that needed more of an electric overdrive sound. I found most of what I wanted in two of the amp selections and played that day. But in the end I felt that the sound of the overdriven amp was really noisy.

When I got home, I selected a number of amps with overdriven settings and distortion and found that they all seemed to have that high pitched noise.

So I decided to change routes and go with standard pedals. I read a bunch of reviews and watched many youtube videos. I’m not much into the latest/greatest/best gear. I just wanted something that would do a reasonable job of providing the sounds I wanted.

I did look at some of the mini style of pedals because I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to size but in the end I went with the Behringer line of pedals. I’m a little concerned about the plastic cases but in all of the videos and comparisons I reviewed it seems that they have plenty of good and expected sound. And they’re cheap.

I picked 9 pedals, a board, and power supply to get me going. I figure they will do for now and as I get used to using them I can look for better models later if I see the need. The pedals will be here in the next few days. I’ll do a post when I get the board all put together.

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