Veterans day thank you’s

This morning, I stopped at HyVee for breakfast. What a nice event and gesture. I was greeted by their welcoming volunteers and showed the way to a great breakfast. They had scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and cinnamon rolls and they asked. Do you want it all? That’s more than I can eat.

I sat down a visited with a fellow who was a guardsman and one of the lade volunteers visited with us too. Nice event. Wish I could have hung around and drank some more coffee.

At lunch I met up with 3 other guys from church at the Texas Road House. I was really surprised by how fast we got in. They didn’t seem as busy as I thought they would be. One of the guys that was with us had been a Hungarian translator in the Army and another was a Global weather forecaster who jumped out of airplanes with special forces. It made for some interesting conversation. I was the common denominator with this group. They really didn’t know each other, but judging by the conversation, I think they made some life long friends.

This evening my wife and I took her father and mother to Applebees. He was had received a bronze star for his contributions in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. Our daughter Sarah works there so we made sure to get one of her tables. It was an honor to get to bring the 92 year old, Ronnie out for the evening. Another fine meal.

Thank you to all of the businesses that make this possible. I think it’s really nice to just get a meal and have a chance to visit with fellow veterans. So much of the time it is veteran organizations that promote support of the troops, holding special events etc. It’s nice to have a day for us that is so well supported by you. Thanks!


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