My Pain Management Program

My Drug Free Pain Management Program

First of all I need to give credit for this program to the University of Nebraska Medical
Center Pain Management Program
and staff. I consider the results a miracle after 8 years of suffering I am back to being a productive person and improving every day.

One of the reasons that I am posting all of this information is because I think it is important that people with chronic pain have an idea that there is another way to treat their pain besides drugs. And if they work with their doctor and physical therapist now, they can very possibly dodge the inevitable crash. It is very possible that you could effectively implement this plan and start improvement.

But I do want to highly recommend the UNMC PM Program as it will provide much more knowledge and medical support than could ever be done on your own. In four weeks you could be living a life that you thought you had left behind long ago.

So here goes a description of the way I am executing my program…


There’s a whole new attitude you have to come to terms with when it comes to living with chronic pain. And part of it is pacing. Learning to do a consistent level of activity whether you hurt or not. Here is my current plan of attack. I set this plan up and follow it religiously. If I skip part of it I pay. So it’s up to me to maintain a consistent activity level which results in a consistent state in my chronic pain.


As part of my exit planning from the Pain Management Program at UNMC. I learned that exercise is important and the focus of the exercise is really important. For those with chronic pain they should consider exercising with these outcomes by priority:

2. Endurance – coming soon

3. Coordination

4. Strength

Relaxation – coming soon

Desensitization – coming soon

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