Flexibility Exercises

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For the flexibility exercises we were all started out at 5 repetitions and then increased by one each day until we reached 10.  So let’s get started with that. I am using the routines that were provided by the PMP. The are beginning, advanced, advanced II and aquatic.

The beginning flexibility exercises are obviously where you should start. As I indicated before you should start with 5 repetitions when repetitions are indicated. And work your way up to 10 the first week. Then continue this program for the next week.

Then you can do the same thing with the advanced flexibility exercises. Start at 5 work up to 10 and stay at them at least two weeks. After that it will be up to you and your Doctor or Physical Therapist of when to go to the Advanced II flexibility exercises.

Another really good routine for flexibility is the aquatic exercises. These are done in a pool and if you have access to a therapeutic pool all the better. In some cases you can get your doctor to write a prescription to get you access to the pool. The plan here is to start out with 5 repetitions and increase to 10. In the beginning this can be done up to 3 times a week and then decreased as you feel more confident in the other flexibility routines.

So there you have it. 4 routines to help you stay flexible. And just so you know, I am currently doing the Advanced II exercises every morning. I make coffee, and go to the basement to start my day.

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