Just say “NO” to drugs!

Saturday night I forgot to take my Cymbalta. The last of the 3 primary drugs I was on for Fibromyalgia. Sunday while driving to my parents I felt a little dizzy. But otherwise the day wasn’t too bad. I know… You’re thinking… “Dizzy” “Driving”? I let my wife drive home.

Then Sunday night as I was going to bed, I thought “Today wasn’t too bad, let’s try another”! So I skipped the Cymbalta. Well it has been 4 days and I can honestly say it was no big deal to go off of the Cymbalta. And now I’m clean and sober!

I am still struggling with sleep. I wake up often and I can’t stand the CPAP. I am stepping up the exercise and working on my sleep hygiene. I think I’ll start taking warm baths in the evening before bed rather than my shower in the morning. Denise thinks I have bad hair days when I do that but it’s better than bad sleep nights!

So now that I’m completely off the drugs. I think overall I feel better. I am definately thinking more clearly. But my life is definately different. I don’t try to be a 20 year old any more. I live within my ability as it has been restricted by the Fibro. Which means I pace. I exercise. And I just say no.


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