Ambien and the CPAP vs me!

Earlier this year the FDA issued a warning that dosages of Ambien needed to be reduced due to the risk of next morning impairment. At that time I was already on the lowest dose for the controlled release so it didn’t really matter. I have also understood though that it was never intended for long term use. So I have considered that it would be next on my drug elimination list.

Recently I have also been having significant issues with wearing my CPAP. My face seems to be highly sensitive to any pressure. So between these two thoughts I decided to go cold turkey off of both of them. I wanted to get back to the normal me and try more moderate treatments for my sleep issues.

The first few nights were horrific. Insomnia was really bad and when I woke up my throat was really sore from snoring. I was determined however to stay at it. Some comments I had read from others who went off Ambien said it took them a month to get over it.

It’s been about 8 days now and I think I’m settling in without the Ambien. But I really miss the CPAP. So last night I went back to a different mask and had better sleep. I have been using a full face mask and it fits well but just hurts everywhere it touches. So I pulled out a nasal mask that I had tried before and with more determination seemed to do well with it last night.

I know I was restless last night. Waking several times to adjust the mask and get the air flowing like it should. I think I went right back to sleep each time. I was probably pretty tired from the previous nights of sleeplessness.

So that’s my new baseline. No Ambien and my nasal mask. I was hoping to get rid of the CPAP too but maybe that was too ambitious. I’m happy to be rid of another drug. I’m down to just one now.


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