A Pacing-Up-date

We’ve decided that it’s really time to upset the apple cart. The last few months have helped us figure out that we want to do something really different for the next few years. We know that it doesn’t include owning a house. It may be sizing down to an apartment and looking for jobs that better fit our new life plans or really going wild and buying an RV. It all depends on how God leads us.

So the press is on. We’ve listed the house and now we have to get it ready. There are so many projects and I have a pacing plan. I know it doesn’t make sense but I have troubles with pacing up and down at the same time.

This morning we started off well with breakfast, stretching and ice. Then I mowed. Since it only takes 40 or 45 minutes I used that as a substitution for my 30 minute walk. After lunch I started on cleaning 8 sets of combination windows and the aluminum storms. Half way through my back was on fire so I iced. When I finished up I drew a warm Epsom salt bath.

Since I pushed it so hard on the chores, I skipped the stairs today. I feel pretty good about the balance of my activities. I had 3 really good periods of activity where I didn’t let the pain control me. Using the desensitization techniques proved very effective at controlling it. I have 8 more sets of windows, 2 picture windows and 2 doors to do tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get it all done before the house gets showed in the evening.


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