Pacing My Projects

The planter and steps on our front porch has been suffering from water damage. A couple of weeks ago I worked on the steps and got them looking better but this planter was still needing some attention.

I got out a little 5 pound hammer and starting whacking away at it. Soon figuring out that I was going to need something bigger. So out came the sledge hammer. Denise had come out to help me. She loaded bricks and shoveled dirt while I broke it up and carried the bricks to the truck.

I was working on my new pacing for pain management techniques and thought I was on a roll. We had dirt and bricks everywhere. I was busy busting it up and Denise was telling me it was time to start cleaning up. As you can see we had only made a little progress. But I was planning on getting at least half of it done in the couple of hours that I had allocated for the activity.

So listening to my wife’s advice (as I always do). I finished loading up the bricks and cleaned up the mess. We took a little break and then hauled the cement and bricks out to a place we could dump them.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized how much I was going to pay for my 45 minutes of work. WOW! I guess this is going to be a project over the next few days. Am I ever thankful for my new skills of stretching and icing to desensitize my nerves! So to say the least I wasn’t a ball of fire at church this morning. Afterwards, we went on a 30 minute walk and I think I’m pretty recovered. I think tomorrow, I’ll not try to do quite so much!


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