Pain Management Program days 19 and 20

Practicing Pacing!

This weekend went pretty well. Denise had been setting up for a city wide garage sell for the last few weeks. She had it mostly set up and all I needed to do was show up.

Saturday morning we were up at 7:00 and had the doors open before 8:00. I helped get things set out and took a couple of breaks through the morning to exercise and stretch. We shut down around 2:00 in the afternoon. I found time to ice and then mowed most of the yard later in the day. After dinner we had an ice cream date downtown.

Today we had church. It was a more relaxed morning than last week because I had fewer responsibilities. This afternoon we had time for some relaxation (Football), walking and getting ready for coming back to the Med Center. All in all I felt pretty good about the weekend. I had pain but worked through it with exercise and ice. I think my one downfall is that I really didn’t do well at relaxation (focusing on relaxing the mind and body). I need to get that into the plan. Oh Yeah, I need a plan too! Denise wasn’t sure what I was going to try to get done while I was home and I didn’t plan for my different needs.

So tonight, I’m settled in at the Med Center. I’m anxious for tomorrow and to get through the week. Looking forward to finding out what the team will help me develop for a plan as I get on my own.


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