Pain Management Program day 17

What a difference a day can make!

Yesterday, I reported a pretty tough day. Reflecting on it. I find it interesting to think that there is no rhyme or reason to a Fibromyalgia flare up. I can’t tell you if it’s from the physical therapy or the change in weather. I guess it could be for no reason at all and it really doesn’t matter. I understand it better and I react to it better. A flare up in symptoms doesn’t have to result in a flare up in my response.

Today, Denise joined me for the day. She got to participate in the lessons, some exercise and Yoga. I also introduced her to our form of icing. She seemed to think it was cold J but she stuck it out for the fifteen minutes. I was glad that she got to sit through the class on the neuroanatomy of pain. That’s a really good lesson on how to think of the treatment of pain in a whole new way.

We had our session on reviewing our goals from last week and setting the goals for next. I looked at the problems I had with pacing. Since Denise was there I was glad that she could listen to the recommendations of the PMP team and help me consider how to set my new goals. I’m also glad that one of my goals included picking up the guitar again for recreation. I had considered selling it because of a lack of interest. I used to enjoy music just because the theory challenged me. It will be nice to get back to that hobby.

I was really pleased to find . . . that even through the pain, I improved.

I was also measured today for my progress in flexibility. The goals that I set with my PT was to maintain or improve my flexibility. She had told me that I was near the top of the normal range and within the margin of error. I was really pleased to find that in several cases I had exceeded the top of the normal range. It’s an eye opener to have a bad day like yesterday where any movement hurts and you feel like you’ve been set back a week. (a thought that is all in my head) then to find out through an objective measurement that even through the pain, I improved.


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