Pain Management Program day 15

Mushrooms have a high level of vitamin D

I learned some interesting things in the nutrition section today. I am however confused that tomato is back in the vegetable category. I was given a personalized food plan based on my height, weight and body mass. I also learned that I should watch my sodium and that it’s okay that I don’t eat as much meat as I used to.

Did you know that the brain is 60% fat?

I continued receiving manual therapy for the parts of my body that need extra attention. The thoracic area of my spine and the area around my Quadratus lumborum muscle are still problem areas. I’m sure there are better explanations but that is the basics of what I understand. The PT worked primarily on those areas today and suggested that I would have more pain tomorrow because she had been more aggressive with them. She also said that today could be a “3 icing day”. I tried all day to make an analogy to a “3 dog night” but couldn’t make it work.

Our second training session today was about the perception of pain. There was so much good information that it’s just not reasonable to try to share it in the blog. But there was a “pain management formula” that I recognized as a good check point as I consider the things that I have learned and to help me solidify these practices in my daily activities.

  1. Pacing
  2. Relaxation exercises
  3. Exercise (Not the only thing on the list!)
  4. Communication
  5. Ice
  6. No medications for chronic pain
  7. No surgeries or blocks for the chronic pain
  8. Meet your needs
  9. Eliminate sick talk and pain talk
  10. Eliminate sick behaviors and pain behaviors
  11. Mood management
  12. Accept the pain problem but don’t accept the disability
  13. Give up the search for a quick cure (or know when to stop if you need something checked out)

Some of these have been easier than others for me. If you read last Sunday’s and Monday’s entries you’ll know my struggle with pacing. Even though I had been lethargic before the program I have an attitude that causes me to do too much when I feel good. I need to learn to pace up and pace down. Relaxation is something else that I need to develop for myself.

I gave up the search for a quick cure long ago but had accepted the idea that I was disabled. That is no longer true.

We have been introduced to a number of techniques I just need to find what works for me and integrate it into a plan. I think I have done fairly well with the exercise, ice, communication, stopping the search for medical cures and eliminating the sick talk/behaviors. I gave up the search for a quick cure long ago but had accepted the idea that I was disabled. That is no longer true. I have a pain problem that I can manage.


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