Pain Management Program day 9

I was thinking today that the titles of my posts are pretty boring. I should be naming them according to the best revelation of the day! “Icing! One bag short!” Would be a good title today! The first go around I used two bags. One mid back and one in the lower back. During our first group session, I was thinking “Wow, wish I would have had a bag for my neck and shoulders. The second icing I opted for the hips. I’m going to do regular cold pack on my neck tonight before bed. Based on the progress I have been making with the ice, I think it’ll be a full week or more of twice daily icing.

Today during one of our group sessions we discussed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and irrational beliefs. The idea is that we can create patterns in our responses where we deal with situations irrationally and cause a physical stress response. We can appraise the situation and have responses of fear, sadness or coping. These are necessarily bad responses unless we do it in excessively. Part of our exercise was to document situations that were stressful and then decide if our responses are irrational. This is a skill that we can continue to use as we review our days and plan for the coming week.

Since Wednesday night, I have been taking my Lyrica every other night. Tonight I’m scheduled to take it. I think I’m done. I really haven’t noticed any flareups on days that I haven’t had it. I guess that deserves a whoo hoo! Another whoo hoo! goes out to maxing out on my fast walk. We are timed while walking 180 feet. I started out at 32 seconds and was given a goal to improve by 2 seconds last week and this week.  If we get it down to 20 seconds we get to stop doing that particular exercise. So I pushed that one. It was easy. Part of it was getting the pace up, the other was technique in timing, and making the turn for the round trip. My other exercises have maximums as well but when I reach them I will just go from doing them twice a day to once a day.

The second group session today was about pacing and activity management. That was a really good topic to discuss after coming off the long weekend. I’m starting to get a feel for what it will take to maintain my activity when I leave the program. Being the linear thinking person that I am, I added up the total time of exercises if I max out each one of them, added in appropriate rest periods and icing/relaxation and came up with about 90 minutes. I’m not sure if that will be required every day or if I can split it up two every other day. I look forward to replacing some of the exercise activity with work activity after I am out of the program.


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  1. I noticed that I rarely mention Fibromyalgia in my posts about the PMP. Even though that's my main complaint it's seldomly mentioned during the day either. We don't talk about our pain much either.

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