Pain Management Program day 5

Week one is in the history books. As soon as I get this written it will be.

I continued to have problems sleeping. My CPAP mask just wasn’t working for me so I slept without it. I knew that the quality of my sleep would be poor without it but I wasn’t getting to sleep with it. Getting up, eating breakfast and going to the gym was very hard.

Exercise group went reasonably well. The pain was relieved some after the exercise and icing. Then we did the endurance testing. I have moved along at the goals that we set earlier in the week. I was able to exceed the goals for speed walking. We reviewed the results and set goals for next week.

Before lunch we had a group session where each of us described our experience so far and then the group provided feedback to each member. It was a good experience, especially to hear the senior class talk about their experience of being 3 weeks into the program. It offered hope to those of us just starting out that things get better with each week.

In the afternoon I got to experience Lymphatic discharge therapy. I am not even going to try to explain what it does or how it works. Only that I understand that it plays a big part in the immune system and this type of massage helps it flow like it should. It is also a very relaxing massage that I enjoyed very much.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing our endurance exercises for the day and learning what to complete over the weekend. We set goals with the physical therapist for range of motion improvements next week and he identified the stretches that would specifically help each one of us.

The weekend is designed to help us practice some of the techniques that we have learned in the home environment and bring back any questions on things that caused us trouble. This isn’t the type of plan that I adapt well to. But I know it is the type that I need. I’ll follow up on Monday after noon and let you know how it went.


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