LTD will be denied by Principal Financial for Fibromyalgia

I just received an email today and it looks like they will be denying my claim for long term disability. The results of the Functional Capacity Evaluation showed that I am able to do light sedentary work for 8 hours. Of course what it didn’t say was that they performed the wrong tests to correctly evaluate Fibromyalgia or that the test needs to be performed over a period of days to get a good indication of the delayed flareups that are caused by too much exertion.

The other thing I find interesting is those were not my complaint. My employment was in the Information Technology field where I was expected to work 50+ hours, be on call 24X365, and work the mid shift once or twice a week. I was also having problems cognitively and being able to perform the technical aspects of my position.

The disability insurance was supposed to cover my “own occupation” meaning that if I could not do the work I had been trained in and worked in for 30 plus years it would cover me. They had back to work programs and training options that would have helped me to move into a new career.



There is an appeal process and I will reluctantly get a lawyer to help me with that but I’m moving on.  I am looking at doing the best that we can to get some work that will keep us going while I also enter a 30 day pain program. We are considering selling our house and most of our possessions . I’ll tell about that in another more positive post.

Now I’m done whining. Tomorrow is coffee day at the Gathering Place.

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