Saturday in the Park! I think it was the 17th of August….

Another great day on the Fibro journey. I got up sometime in the middle of the night with a panic attack. Of course there’s only one way to get over those. Fix a bowl of ice cream, salted nuts and chocolate syrup! Not sure what time that really was but I woke up around 9 and laid in bed in pain for the next hour and a half. Eating breakfast, checking the mail, getting my head together and I was ready for action by one in the afternoon.

I did get the back yard mowed, pulled some weeds and cleaned the retaining wall in the front but that was all the steam I had for the day. By 3 pm I was sacked out on the couch for a short nap.

6 pm brought a visit to the park. Oh yeah that’s the title of this thing. Had a nice evening listening to the Evans family play at the amphitheater. Bernie Evans, the patriarch, has been known in the Glenwood area for years as a musician, teacher and fixer of musical instruments. And now after seeing the family play. I’m not sure about the patriarch bit.

Sister Golden Hair

There were a number of family members his age or older so there’s probably much more¬†that I never knew. We also had the pleasure of hearing the kids from my era play like Kelly¬†and Tim. Tim’s not actually an ‘Evans’ but he just as well be. He’s been a part of them for years.

But now it’s almost midnight and I hear the Kluft calling.

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