My WebSites

I have been working on my websites recently.

My first cabin web site is getting a data makeover. I’ve contracted with a 3rd party firm to research all of the properties that I have and fill in the blanks as far as phone numbers, email addresses, URL’s and descriptive text. It has been quite a project so far. We started with 1000 records as we felt out our relation ship, and now I have just received the second set of updated 5,000 records. 13,000 more to go. I may just let them finish the rest up in one batch.

My second cabin website is up and running now. You may be asking “Why two”! My original site is already indexed by the search engines and is pulling 20,000+ visitors a month. Not a lot but, I don’t want to mess with that. I did want to add some new functionality that would completely change the way the site was indexed so I decided to add another site. Cabins, Resorts and Lodges main benefit over CabinQuest is that it is capable of listing properties all over the world. It is also available in multiple languages. This one is also monetized in several different ways too. So maybe it will open up some new opportunities for me.

My Cabin Blog is just chugging a long. It’s not really a site for the consumer, although you may find some interesting articles there about unique vacation properties. This site is really meant for the vacation property owner. It will keep them up to date on the new features of my other two cabin web sites and industry news.

USS Suribachi AE-21 has been revitalized. A number of months ago I redirected the DNS to the Suribachi facebook page. This site had been around for twelve plus years and was well established in the search engines. I had originally abandonded it because I was tired of fighting the spammers that kept attacking my comment and forum pages. But I have decided that a well established website is worth retaining as a base for all of my other sites. So I have upgraded the e107 software and reconfigured it so it properly notifies me when things are going on so I can keep up.

The Jacobsens is my long neglected personal website. Over the years I have dabbled with blogging and posting family photos to this site. I have become a little disenchanted with facebook. Maybe just overwhelmed at being marketed to all the time between the ads for products and game solicitations. So I may just spend more time over here.

That’s my update for now. I should have some more interesting activities in the near future as I explore the process of growing my two cabin sites.


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